Susan Lam & Annie Chung – Chase Space! Space Chase!

Bearfaced Cat. No. BFF03 – Released 2010

In their second release, Annie Chung and Susan Lam take the concepts they explored on their first album further. Space-age beats and MIDI fantasies for the busy lifestyle.

Download zipped album (29MB)

  1. Robotic Space Age Sound (2:51) [The launch sequence lift-off]
  2. Excitement Rush (2:05) [The rocket ascend through atmosphere]
  3. Future Traditions Emerge (4:04) [Rocket achieves break through atmosphere]
  4. New Dawn Computer Specialist (2:03) [In space, cosmonauts attach the computer device]
  5. Makin’ Love (2:27) [Cosmonaut dream of his loved one far below]
  6. Harmony Wings (2:43) [Space ship ascend further and beyond into blackness]