Juke Nukem – Da Rejukalypse/Glassfatha/Niggaz Exodus

Bearfaced Cat. No. BFF06 – Released 2011

Next-level avant ghetto from the glassfathers of swag, Juke Nukem. Bearfaced leapfrogs the current slew of juke acts to bring you the best, up-and-coming post-juke futureblaze swag cuts, straight from the projects. Ahead of every conceivable curve, this album doesn’t just push the envelope, it posts it to your ass.

Download the zipped album now! (35MB)

  1. Intro (Da Warbringa/Jukalypze Now) (1:34)
  2. Y’d U Do Me Like Dat? (Ho) (3:35)
  3. 4 Tha Hataz (2:17)
  4. No Homo (2:30)
  5. Cook Dat Azz (2:29)
  6. Nuke this Dick (For Anthony) (2:35)