Susan Lam / Annie Chung
Golden Hits (2008)

Cat. No. BFF01
Download (zip)
  1. Annie Chung - In A Breeze On Wind (3:10)
  2. Susan Lam - Konichiwa Arigato Thank You Goodbye (2:57)
  3. Annie Chung - Fast Car Driver (2:19)
  4. Susan Lam - Businessman (2:33)
  5. Annie Chung - Cat Girl Beat (1:54)
  6. Susan Lam - Slowah's Ark (Parts 1 & 2) (3:21)
  7. Annie Chung - Danger! Cute Raisin Run (2:36)
  8. Susan Lam - SAW2 Disc 3 Track 2 (1:51)
  9. Annie Chung - Playful Doll (2:08)
  10. Susan Lam - I Love You Tender Steak (3:22)
  11. Annie Chung - Dinner Treat (1:47)
  12. Susan Lam - Ramada Inn (0:47)

The first release on Bearfaced is this delightful collection of MIDI ditties from loveable duo Susan Lam and Annie Chung.

No strangers to the electric music scene, Annie Chung and Susan Lam first met at a family gathering back in 2007. It wasn’t until a chance encounter in 2008, at a conference on MIDI implementation, that the two met again and decided to put together a music recording.

This is the result: 12 tracks of uncompromising, nuanced electronic exploration, from ambience to flat-out rock ‘n’ roll. “Golden Hits” lets you recreate the emotion of witnessing these two generation-defining artistes from the comfort of your own armchair. Sit back, draw a glass of your favourite beverage, and enjoy.