Sexual and Domestic Abuse Partnership
Live at Wobby (2008)

Cat. No. BFF02
Download (zip)
  1. Telstar Intro
  2. Punk Rock To Style Shock
  3. Animal Farm
  4. 15 Things That Make Us Have A Nice Little Cry
  5. Like A Dog With A Bone
  6. Huntley Life Sciences
  7. Dog Days
  8. Brushing My Dentures
  9. Joanne's Story
  10. I'm Going Into Battle
  11. Dad's Big Day
  12. Urine Sample
  13. A Fatal Kiss
  14. Return Of The Mack
  15. Agony vs Glamour
  16. The Old Tunisian President
  17. Days Of Our Lives
  18. Fit For The Future
  19. Over You

The only known recording of the Sexual And Domestic Abuse Partnership, a short-lived spoken word act hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland.

This recording was made at a bar in Edinburgh in mid-May 2006. The content of the entire performance was culled from cut-up women’s weekly magazines (such as My Weekly, Chat, Take-a-Break, Yours, Bella, etc.) and set to a stack 1950s 7″s and LPs of steam trains. Some of those in the audience chose to stay – and even participate – but the show proved too high-concept for most of the audience. Warning: definitely not for the easily offended.