Jonathan Pelham
Nine Tracks (2011)

Cat. No. BFF05
Download (zip)
  1. Leotard Mix 3
  2. Barramundi
  3. North West Stomp
  4. Sketches from a Gone World
  5. Rondu
  6. Stygian
  7. Moth Eats Elephant
  8. Cagey Mix 1
  9. Soliloquy for A

A beautiful, fresh and varied release from Jonathan Pelham. Also known for breakcore and hardcore tracks under his alter ego Alan Titmash, Mr Pelham has crafted a more delicate work here.

It spans electronic genres – from electro to acid, dubstep to ambient. At times upbeat, at others fragile, Nine Tracks does what it says on the tin – and so much more.