DJ Rim / DJ Elroi
Bakk On Trak – Da Oridganal Juke Kronikalz Volluum 18 (2011)

Cat. No. BFF07
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  1. DJ Rim - Cold Ass Eyes
  2. DJ Elroi - Siddown
  3. DJ Rim - Girl On My Dick
  4. DJ Elroi - 2Bad
  5. DJ Rim - What You Want
  6. DJ Elroi - Interlude
  7. DJ Rim - U Such A Hussy
  8. DJ Elori - Be Dat Sexxy

Originators of footwork DJ RIM and DJ ELROI storm back on Bearfaced with the 18th volume of their seminal “ORIDGANAL JUKE KRONIKALZ” series. Exclusive juke, jukestep and post-juke tracks to make you dance Chicago style.

“All the brutality of the genre can be found in Bakk on Trakk by DJ RIM and DJ ELROI: their sample and drum collages instantly tear apart any element you can cling to.”Spex Magazine (DE)

“We back up in this!” screams DJ RIM, violently turning the wheel of his gleaming 1958 Cadillac, a low-rider sporting the pneumatics mandatory in the post-juke world. “Ride that shit like a donkey ass motherfucker,” replies DJ ELROI. The pair have good reason to be confident. With the imminent release of the 18th volume of their collected works, DJs Rim and Elroi are at the top of their game. Going beyond juke, the pair have pioneered the post-juke movement, alongside other popular Chicago-based producers like JUKE NUKEM.

“It’s not that we can’t stop,” says DJ Rim, now back in the relative calm of their Chicago studio. “We won’t stop, and that’s what these sly ass bitches don’t realise.” DJ Elroi agrees: “We come up from behind, like a sabre-tooth tiger,” he exclaims. “You don’t even know what bit you, because BLAOW!, you already dead. And that shit? That, my friend, is what we call swag.”