Cosmic Spring [BOOTLEG] (2019)

Cat. No. BFF09
Download (zip)
  1. You Got The Vibe [04:30]
  2. What’s Up [08:21]
  3. Cosmic Summer [04:36]
  4. Midnight, Assemble [03:58]
  5. Aochinz Light [06:07]
  6. We Are Electric [06:33]
  7. Music Is Love [01:41]
  8. Orange Sunshine [02:45]
  9. Tokyo Heat [03:38]
  10. After Storm Sunday [04:20]
  11. Bootleg Digital [05:13]
  12. Mystic Fire [06:35]
  13. Setagaya Saisentan [06:55]

Bearfaced is very pleased share a bootleg copy of 777gogogo’s new album we managed to obtain via the dark web following a leak by an insider at Sony. ‘Cosmic Spring’ pushes the boundaries of IDM and has been long-awaited by fans of the popular genre worldwide.

From the artist – “So here’s the thing….. and this is the 100% honest real life situation – I have this album called Cosmic Spring, that I worked on for almost 3 years (distilled from over 100 tracks) and it was written at the best time of my life, and parts of it are by Yuumi, me love, and it’s full of my all, my life, my love, my lazer. It’s the best album I’ve written in 23 years of making electronic music. And honestly after all that time… it’s the ONLY album I’ve ever completed. I’ve done EPs and stuff, but most long form stuff I’ve done were bits of unfinished “epic albums”.

“Cosmic Spring is what I’ve been working 23 years for. When I was working on this- one day in early Dec, my computer crashed hard, and I literally cried cuz I was crushed. Thought I could never finish the album. But then I dropped acid the Fri of the crash. I realized the album was as done as it’s ever going to get. I realized I can’t let anything stop me, so in a last ditch effort to save it, I ripped it analog from my phone on Yuumi’s PCM-D100, and I sent it to Mike Paradinas as soon as I could. I don’t have it properly exported or anything, but I heard there’s a bootleg version going around- “Cosmic Spring [bootleg]”?. If you can get a hold of the bootleg version- please listen to it. Let me know if you’re interested in releasing it.”

777gogogo (Jason Asato)