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DJ Rim / DJ Elroi – Roll Da Tomz

Tune into the latest craze to take London’s urban sophisticates by storm – the gritty sounds of Chicago’s juke/footwork. Dubstep? That’s so 2010! The freshest new footwork sounds are only on BEARFACED!

Juke originators DJ RIM and DJ ELROI return to the fray with the third instalment in their “JUKE KRONIKALZ” series, this time exclusively appearing on Bearfaced.

“After being out of the game for so long, we’re disgusted at the so-called juke being pushed by the new kids on the block,” says DJ RIM. “It’s about time someone showed them who’s Da Oridginal Boss.”

DJ ELROI agrees. “We’ve been in this game for over a decade – 12 years in fact – and it ain’t easy. The younger players on the scene think they got it made, but it’s time they learned a thing or two from the true masters. It’s time to step aside and let the teachers do the talkin.”

The EP is exclusively available as a free download from www.bearfaced.com, ahead of a limited 180g club pressing later this year.

Download the zipped album now (13MB)

  1. DJ Elroi – Bandwaggan Are Motavation (3:08)
  2. DJ Rim – Aaliyall (1:53)
  3. DJ Elroi – Nu Juke Swinng (1:21)
  4. DJ Rim – Bitch Pleaze (2:03)
Posted on February 11, 2018 by taras